This is where you can go to find everything you need to know for how to make costumes and look incredible for your performances. 

Have a look at our costume guides and go to the suggested websites for heaps of great inspiration on how to look great! 

Each section has a different colour as their main theme, and then you can use black to accent your look! 

Large surdo drums are Orange

Agogo bells are Blue

Timbaus are Turquoise

Repinique are Green

High drums are Red 

Snares are Black and White

Shakers are Yellow

Tamborims are Purple

Annnnd Lights!

Make sure you light up your life by incorporating some bright lights into your costume. Now we don't want to see you looking like a Christmas tree, so try and be more creative than just wrapping them around you, try and incorporate it into your costume. As always, ask if you need help :)



What makes a WASAMBA costume? 


How do I make a

practical costume? 


How do I take my costume to the next level?



Try these key word searches for cheap additions to your costume:

  • Feathers

  • Battery LED lights

  • Samba

  • Headpiece

  • Stockings

  • Tights

  • Fur

  • Beads

  • Trim

  • Ribbon

  • Sequin

  • EL wire

  • Tubular crinoline

  • Tulle

  • Organza

  • Rave

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