Our Musical Director, Ben, is Australia's first Meinl Viva Rhythm Facilitator.

Viva Rhythm and Wasamba encourage community inclusiveness through music. Everyone has the chance to play music, be part of a team and have some fun!!

Wasamba will run an immersive experience into the world of drumming. You'll not only have the joy of Samba and Carnival, but experience funk, rock, reggae, hip hop and more.

Our workshop team is made up of the Wasamba facilitators. A group of Wasambians that have been trained by our Musical Director to run a seamless and professional workshop for all ages and ensure everyone is engaged and enjoy.

Schools, companies, fairs or community groups. We can run a workshop for anyone. We usually suggest 45 min - 1 hr. We can cater up to 60 drummers at once. 

Get in contact with our musical director to set up an unforgettable workshop.




Ben is a Facilitator for Meinl's Viva Rhythm community program. Spreading drum circles, funky rhythms and the joy of being involved in a community is a real passion for Ben.

No matter the group, Ben will have them grooving along to a beat in no time.

He has an extensive background in Facilitating workshops and will definitely make event one to remember.



30 minutes before - Wasamba turns up to set up


Introduction from Wasamba Facilitators

Playing a little demo of the Samba Reggae Rhythm.


2-minute icebreaker with hand and body percussion


Everyone jumps on an instrument


The Facilitators build up a rhythm!!


Learn some funky breaks


Change instruments


Build up some more rhythms

Learn an introduction, call and response


Get into a performing formation
Play a tune from start to finish.


Group Photo!!



Drum circles


Sometimes it's just about sitting around and collaborating to make some awesome music.

We offer drum circles with a variety of instruments and we also set up a variety of rhythms that come from different genres.