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Wasamba opens its doors to everyone. We provide everything that you need and we are extremely used to new members coming along to rehearsals.

All of our members are extremely friendly and when you come along one of our amazing committee members will come over and introduce themselves to you. They will run you through anything you will need to know and give you an instrument for the night.


If you have any questions before coming along to rehearsal, feel free to contact us before via e-mail.



Big Drum (surdo)

Shaker (Ganza)


High Drum (surdo)

Snare ( Caixa)

Agogo Bell

We have lots of different instruments within Wasamba!!

No matter your age, experience or capability, there is an instrument for everyone to play!! Each instrument adds a unique aspect to the rhythms of Wasamba. They also correlate to different coloured sections.

Frequently asked questions


Do I need experience? How good do I have to be?

No you don't need experience and ANYONE can drum!! If you can count to four then you're in! There are many instruments to try, so we're sure you will find one that suits you!  Anyone and everyone is welcome to participate at rehearsal; we have new people try every week so you'll be sure to enjoy yourself.

What is rehearsal like?


The rehearsal (workshop) has been coordinated to keep WASAMBA's high quality of playing through our regular members whilst integrating any new members. Often our Musical Director, George will come earlier to workshops to help new members as it can be a daunting experience. However most weeks there are one or two to try out this new experience with you. After a few sessions you'll be one of us and ready to perform!



I'm under 18, can i still join?


YES! WASAMBA is a family group and we encourage all ages to join. We are a diverse group with ages ranging from 8 to 80 years old and of all different abilities. If you are under 16, you will need a guardian, but we do enjoy having younger people in our group!



How is WASAMBA organised?


WASAMBA is a non-profit community based organisation run by the group. Some members belong to a committee formed to make decisions when the group needs some firm direction.



Where does my money go?


All money goes directly back into WASAMBA. A small fee is paid to our Musical Director, instruments occasionally need an overhaul, and generally to support ourselves as we are a not for profit group.



Performing looks fun, but I'm nervous...


Performing IS fun, but you do have to join as a member. We have standards of costumes and musicianship, but if you can count to four and have joined in for at least four out of six practices before a gig, you can play.
As for the nerves, with a group as large as ours, you will blend in and rest assured a small hiccup won't be noticed. As you grow in confidence, you will be so busy putting smiles on the faces of the crowd that you'll wonder how you ever could have been nervous. Performing is always loads of fun; you just need to try it!!


Still interested?


Feel free to contact one of our committee members on the contacts section.

Or rock up to one of our practise sessions and have a go!

To find out more information about the rehearsals, click on the group you would like to go and join.

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