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"I couldn't stop dancing"

Wasamba puts on a show that you will won't forget. 
Taking in our costumes, lights, energy, smiles, diverse members, colour and ... we haven't even begun to play our songs yet.

We pride ourselves on providing a unique experience for our audiences. 

If you are thinking about putting on a conference or carnival event. Wasamba has a natural tendency to draw huge crowds. Our drummers, don't just play funky tunes, our group moves, grooves and builds a spectacle. 
It's not often you'll see a 22" drum be thrown into the air.

Wasamba is extremely flexible and is a perfect group to change the mood of an event towards a big party. Events coordinators love Wasamba because we can move into any space, adapt our performance to suit all audiences and can easily start early, continue our performance to fill out more time or perform without any technology.


We love performing at all events and welcome any crazy ideas you might have.
Get in contact with out events coordinators today.


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