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Hear more than wedding bells

Wasamba coming into a wedding, just after the speeches to get everyone up and dancing is the best way to get everyone talking about your special day for the next few years.

We have done lots of weddings and it is by far the best performances we get to do. The guests are always ready to dance, the bride and groom rocking out and the photos are of colour, smiles and extremely unique.


Wasamba arrives without anyone knowing, get ready in the back rooms and then emerge, weaving through tables to the dance floor. We'll get the guests up, play for about 20-30 minutes. We also regularly work with Samba Dancers to add an even more elaborate show. We then leave the guests on a high as we parade out and the DJ kicks the party on for the rest of the night.


We would love to make your reception go off with a bang. 

Contact our events coordinator today to get booked in.

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